The Super Service Challenge Mobile App


You can download the Super Service Challenge app to create an account, record and submit videos, share videos on social media and review your submissions. This is the easiest way to record and upload stories of service to the Challenge. Download the app flyer today to spread the word!

Need help choosing a nonprofit?

If you need help finding a nonprofit in your area, please visit one of the following sites:

  • Charity Navigator: This site’s great for making an informed decision on whether a nonprofit is worth your support as a volunteer.
  • Volunteer Match: This organization brings good people and good causes together.
  • Hands On Network: Hands On works to inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take philanthropic action.
  • Charity Vault: This site offers categorized lists of nonprofits and volunteer opportunities. warning against scams.

See What’s Changed

We've added new features that make it easier to participate and easier for nonprofits to earn donations. Watch the video to learn more!

Play Video

Video Tips & Requirements

Video uploads must adhere to the following requirements when recording a story of service:

  1. Volunteers must be serving with a group of two or more. Videos may have one volunteer in the video, but they must mention the group.
  2. A group of 20 volunteers could submit 10 videos!
  3. All videos must be less than two minutes.
  4. You must share the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. The name of your company
    3. The name of your nonprofit they’re serving and their mission
    4. WHY you chose to serve that nonprofit and/or WHY you care about the mission
  5. Upload your video via the app or our website. We do not accept PowerPoint files, Word docs or jpegs.

Voting Overview

Download this handy flyer to see how you can encourage people to vote on your videos of service!