1. My video is not uploading.
      • 1. Make sure your entry is in an allowable video file format (mov, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, vob, mod, mts, or 3gp).
      • 2. Videos cannot be larger than 1GB.
      • 3. No PowerPoint files, Word docs, or jpegs will be able to upload.
      • 4. Make sure all fields are populated and that answers are not too short or invalid. All fields are mandatory.
      • 5. If using a mobile device, Wi-Fi networks are recommended for faster upload time.
  2. The “upload” button is not working.
    • Scroll back up the page to check that all fields are populated and your video is selected. It could also be a problem with the browser you are using. Please check to make sure you are using Internet Explorer 9 or above, Google Chrome or Firefox to upload your video.
  3. It is not allowing me to vote on my video.
    • Each user can only vote once per video. If you have already voted, the vote button will not record a second vote. After voting for a video, you must wait a brief moment before voting for an additional video.